I am pregnant; should I still get a massage?

Femme enceinte debout devant une table de massage prête à se faire masser

A big yes!
The massage for pregnant women is a moment of well-being, relaxation and a special time for future mothers.
But that is not all…
During a pregnancy, muscular pains can appear as a result of the weight of the baby, of difficult postures to adopt, of the sensations of heavy legs, and more.
Prenatal massage has no contraindications for the baby or the mother.
However, some mothers-to-be prefer to wait until the end of the first trimester when the fetus is stabilized.
In case of doubt, it is recommended to ask the advice of your doctor beforehand.

Our pregnancy pillow allows for a level of comfort much appreciated by pregnant women.
Indeed, it allows you to lay down on the belly (at any point during your pregnancy, and in the early stages of a multiple pregnancy) and allows the masseur to work on the whole back and relieve the tensions then present.