My back hurts, which massage should I get?

Femme assise au bureau devant l'ordinateur se tient l'épaule et la nuque, son visage est crispé et elle semble avoir une douleur
Who has never said at least once in their life “My back hurts!” There are several possibilities in this case:
  • Relaxing back/neck/shoulder massage: This massage helps to relieve back tension by mainly releasing the tension responsible for muscle contractures. This massage uses fairly slow movements and a rather relaxing pressure in order to help you let go. The longer the session, the more the massage allows you to calm down and soothe the tensions of the back in depth.
  • Customized massage: It is preferable to choose a customized massage even for a back massage when the area to be treated is localized. Whether it is pain following a wrong movement, stiffness in the neck after a bad night’s sleep, severe tension in the lower back, a strong contracture in the middle of the back, etc… In this case, the objective is to immediately relieve the discomfort particularly due to these tensions. For this massage, the duration is 30 to 45 minutes since the areas of pain and tension are targeted.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: This massage is recommended only for those who wish to relax their muscles and relieve tensions in depth. This massage is intense, the pressure is strong and prolonged. It is particularly suitable for athletes wishing to relax congested muscles or for people who want strong massage pressure, mainly with the use of the elbow. The recommended duration is 30 or 45 minutes.