I exercise, which massage should I get?

Massage Deep Tissue ├ępaules omoplates dos, avec le coude et de l'huile

When practicing a sport, the main objective of the massage is to relieve muscle tension.
In this case, the athletic massage is the most appropriate massage.
Depending on the sport practiced, different muscles are solicited: calves for running, thighs for cycling, arms and shoulders for climbing, etc…
Thanks to their knowledge, our masseurs are specialized in various massage techniques according to the disciplines practiced.
Several possibilities are available:

  • athletic massage of the legs: focuses the massage on the front and back legs in depth. The pressure is of course adapted according to the needs and tolerance of each person. The recommended massage time is 30 or 45 minutes. The longer the massage, the more detailed and profound the work.
  • athletic massage of the legs and back: each specific area is worked on one by one in order to relieve contractures of the whole body. The recommended massage time is 45 or ideally 60 minutes, the muscles need to be warmed up and loosened before working them in depth to allow for effective and long-lasting muscle relaxation.